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Производитель: SICK
Код заказа: 7900274
Наличие: Под заказ
Срок поставки: 3-5 нед.
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Технические характеристики
Magnetic proximity sensors
Cylindrical threaded housing, MM18
Model NameMM18-70APS-ZC0
Part No.7900274

At a glance

Detection of magnets
Operating distances up to 70 mm; Advanced series up to 120 mm or more based on the magnet strength
Short-circuit, reverse polarity and power-up pulse suppression protection
Robust nickel-plated brass housing with fine thread M18 x 1 mm
IP 67 enclosure rating
PNP or NPN output
High switching frequency
LED status indicator

Your benefits

Non-contact operation eliminates interference from dirt, dust and vibrations, increasing sensor life and reducing maintenance costs
Space-saving installation due to small design
Large operating distances with reliable switching increase throughput
Non-contact, universal detection through several substances, including plastic containers and pipes protective PTFE walls and non-magnetic metal walls

Note: This part is discontinued. Please see the replacement product under "Replacement Products" link. "


Thread size:M18 x 1
Sensing range Sn:70 mm 1)
Assured sensing range Sa:56.7 mm
Magnetic sensitivity:0.7 mT
Switching frequency:5,000 Hz
Output type:PNP
Output function:NO
Electrical wiring:DC 3-wire
Enclosure rating:IP 67 2)
Magnetic alignment:Axial
Connection type:Connector M12, 4-pin
1) Sensing range based on installation in non-magnetic material using Magnet MAG-3010-B (M4.0)  2) According to EN 60529  
Housing length:65 mm
Supply voltage:10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Ripple:≤ 10 % 1)
Power consumption:≤ 10 mA 2)
Voltage drop:≤ 1.5 V 3)
Output current Ia:≤ 300 mA
Hysteresis:1 % ... 10 %
Repeatability:≤ 1 % 4)
Temperature drift (of Sr):± 10 %
EMC:According to EN 60947-5-2
Tightening torque, max.:25 Nm
Reverse polarity protection:+
Short-circuit protection 5):+
Housing material:Metal, Nickel-plated brass
Power-up pulse protection:+
Time delay before availability:≤ 2 ms
Ambient operating temperature:-25 °C ... 75 °C
Shock/vibration:30 g, 11 ms / 10 ... 55 Hz, 1 mm
Wire-break protection:1
Items supplied:Fastening nuts (2 x)
1) Of VS  2) Without load  3) At Ia max  4) Von Sr (VS und Ta constant)  5) Pulsed  

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