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Dust Measuring Devices
Transmittance dust measuring device

The DUSTHUNTER T50 is an economic measuring device for dust at medium to high concentrations in gases above the dew point. Basic measuring value is transmittance. Opacity and extinction can be calculated and displayed as well as the dust concentration after gravimetric calibration.

At a glance

For medium to high dust concentrations
Automatic check of zero and reference point
For small to medium measuring distances

Your benefits

Easy installation, commissioning and operation
Measurement independent of gas velocity, humidity and particle charge
Low maintenance due to self-monitoring

Fields of application

Emission monitoring of heating installations
Monitoring of dust concentrations upstream of filter plants
Dust concentration measurement in cement plants


The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications.

Technical data
Measurement principles:Transmittance measurement
Measured values:Extinction
Relative opacity
Dust concentration
Max. number of measurands:1
Measuring ranges:Extinction: 0 ... 0.3 / 0 ... 1
Opacity: 0 ... 50 % / 0 ... 100 %
Relative opacity: 0 ... 50 % / 0 ... 100 %
Dust concentration: 0 ... 200 mg/m3 / 0 ... 10,000 mg/m³
Transmittance: 100 ... 50 % / 100 ... 0 %
Comment:The measurement depends on measuring distance and dust properties
Process temperature:-40 ... +600 °C
Process pressure:With external purge air unit: -50 ... 30 hPa
With control unit MCU-P: 50 ... 2 hPa
Process gas humidity:
Duct diameter:0.5 ... 2.5 m
2 ... 5 m
4 ... 8 m
Ambient temperature:Sender/receiver unit, reflector, control unit MCU-N: -40 ... +60 °C
MCU-P control unit: -40 ... +45 °C
intake temperatures for purge air
Electrical safety:CE
Enclosure rating:IP 66
Analog outputs:1 output:
0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 750 Ω
electrically isolated; two additional outputs if using I/O modules (option)
Analog inputs:2 inputs:
0 ... 20 mA
not electrically isolated; two additional inputs if using I/O modules (option)
Digital outputs:5 relay contacts:
48 V, 1 A
floating; for status signals
Digital inputs:4 floating contacts
Interfaces:RS-232 (service interface)
RS-485 (via optional interface module)
Interface module (option)
USB (service interface)
Bus protocol:Ethernet TCP/IP (via optional interface module)
MODBUS (via optional interface module)
PROFIBUS DP (via optional interface module)
Operation:Via LC-display (option) or software SOPAS ET
Device version:Cross-duct version
System components:Reflector unit
Sender/receiver unit
MCU control unit
Test functions:Automatic self-test (linearity, drift, aging)
Manual linearity check with reference filter
Options:External purge air unit, I/O module(s), Interface module(s)

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