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Производитель: SICK
Код заказа: 1041251
Наличие: Под заказ
Срок поставки: 3-5 нед.
Цена: По запросу Оптовикам ↓
Технические характеристики
Model NameCDF600-0100
Part No.1041251

At a glance

Simple mounting saves time on installation, commissioning, and provides flexibility for different application environments
All electrical connections are pluggable
Three rotary switches for setting the PROFIBUS addresses or PROFIBUS mode
Integrated parameter storage
6 LEDs for status and error display
Integrated CAN interface

Your benefits

A two-screw system makes mounting quick and easy
Electrical installation is quick since all connections are established with plugs
Auto detect: Sensor and CDF600 detect each other automatically
Quick sensor exchange due to integrated parameter memory
Small size and simple setup enables fast installation, even in compact machines
Easy diagnosis via 6 LEDs

The product is currently being phased out and can be ordered until September 30, 2014. A replacement product can be found under "Replacement Products"

Brief description:Fieldbus proxy/gateway to connect to a PROFIBUS network
Supported products:CLV62x, CLV63x, CLV64x, CLV65x, RFH620
Supports cloning module (CMC):Integrated
Supports fieldbus gateway (CMF):Integrated (PROFIBUS DP)
Serial (RS-232):+
Function (Serial (RS-232)):AUX
Data transmission rate (Serial (RS-232)):57.6 kBaud
CAN bus:+
Remark (CAN bus):Depending on sensor connected
Function (PROFIBUS DP):Slave
Data transmission rate (PROFIBUS DP):9.6 kbit/s ... 12 Mbit/s, autodetect
Switching inputs:2
Switching outputs:2
Optical indicators:6 LED
Configuration software:SOPAS
Electrical connection:1 x 15-pin D Sub HD female connector (DEVICE), 1 x 4-pin M8 female connector (AUX), 1 x 5-pin M12 female connector (PROFIBUS OUT), 1 x 5-pin M12 male connector (POWER), 1 x 5-pin M12 male connector (PROFIBUS IN), 3 x 5-pin M12 female connector (IN 1, IN 2, OUT 1/2)
Operating voltage:18 V DC ... 30 V DC
Power consumption:7 W, if no sensor is connected and digital switching inputs and outputs are not connected
Housing:Die-cast aluminum
Enclosure rating:IP 65 (DIN 40 050) 1)
Protection class:III
Weight:590 g
Dimensions:225 mm x 76.5 mm x 47 mm 2)
Housing color:Light blue (RAL 5012)
Scanner connection:RS-232
1) When using a SICK scanner standard connecting cable  2) Without plugged-in connections  
Ambient data
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):EN 61000-6-4 (2007-01) / EN 61000-6-2:2005
Vibration resistance:EN 60068-2-6 (1995)
Shock resistance:EN 60068-2-27 (1993)
Ambient operating temperature:-35 °C ... +50 °C
Storage temperature:-35 °C ... +70 °C
Permissible relative humidity:± 90 %, non-condensing

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