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Производитель: SICK
Код заказа: 6034668
Наличие: Под заказ
Срок поставки: 3-5 нед.
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Технические характеристики
Ultrasonic sensors
Model NameUC4-11345
Part No.6034668

At a glance

Integrated time-of-flight technology detects objects such as glass, liquids and transparent foils, independent of color
Three operation modes: Distance to Object (DtO), Window (Wnd) or Object between sensor and background (ObSB)
Immunity to dirt, dust and fog
One PNP/NPN switching output
Excellent background suppression

Your benefits

Mini housing allows for quick and easy integration, even in the most confined spaces
Immunity to dirt and dust ensures reliable object detection, even in challenging environmental conditions
Integrated temperature compensation ensures high measurement accuracy
Various switching outputs provide application flexibility, which increases reliability and productivity
Full mechanical compatibility to photoelectric sensors increase application flexibility without machine modification
Economical version available for simple, cost-sensitive applications
Fast machine setup due to easy-to-use teach-in button

Resolution:≥ 0.1 mm
Working range, limiting range 1):13 mm ... 100 mm, 150 mm
Repeatability 2):± 0.15 %
Accuracy 3):0.17 % / K
Response time:30 ms
Output rate:8 ms
Switching frequency:20 Hz
Ultrasonic frequency (typical):380 kHz
Detection area (typical):See diagrams
Temperature compensation:-
Additional function:Set switching mode: Distance to object (DtO) / Window (Wnd) / Object between sensor and background (ObSB)
Teach-in of switching output
Reset to factory default
Lock user interface
Switching output invertible
1) Teach-in from 21 mm  2) 3) Referring to current measurement value  
Output type 1) 2):1 x NPN (200 mA)
Hysteresis:2 mm
1) Output Q short-circuit protected  2) NPN: HIGH ? 2 V / LOW = VS  
Sending axis:Straight
Supply voltage Vs 1):DC 20 V ... 30 V
Power consumption 2):≤ 0.75 W
Initialization time:< 300 ms
Housing material:ABS-plastic
ultrasonic transducer: polyurethane foam, glass epoxy resin
Connection type:Male connector, M8, 3-pin
Indication:2 x LED
Weight:10 g
1) Limit values, reverse-polarity protected, operation in short-circuit protected network: max. 8 A  2) Without load  
Ambient data
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Protection class:III
Ambient temperature:Operation: -25 ... +70 °C
Storage: -40 ... +85 °C

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