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Производитель: SICK
Код заказа: 6025670
Наличие: Под заказ
Срок поставки: 3-5 нед.
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Технические характеристики
Double sheet detection
UM18 Double Sheet Detector
Model NameUM18-20012
Part No.6025670

At a glance

Double-sheet detection of foils, metal sheets and corrugated cardboard with F, N and G flute sizes
Installation distance 37 mm ... 43 mm
Automatic adjustment, plug and play operation
Color-independent detection
Two switching outputs for double and miss-fed sheets

Your benefits

Increased quality and productivity through reliable double sheet detection
Fast commissioning since sensor does not require calibration or teaching
Reliable detection of transparent foils, various paper types and thin metal sheets provide application flexibility

Resolution:Double sheets not completely glued together
Response time:2.5 ms / 6.5 ms
Blind zone:7 mm from sender and receiver
Permissible angle deviation:± 45 ° perpendicular to sheet
Ultrasonic frequency (typical):400 kHz
Installation distance:37 mm ... 43 mm
Detectable material 1):Metal-laminated sheets and films: ≤0.4 mm
Paper grams per square meter: 20 ... 1,200 g/m?
Self-adhesive films, metal sheets: ≤0.3 mm
Corrugated cardboard: single wall F, N and G flute sizes:
1) Approximate values: should be qualified in the application  
Time delay off::10 ms
Output type 1) 2) 3):2 x PNP (500 mA)
Control input:1 x
1) Output Q short-circuit protected  2) Q1: switching output double sheet, Q2: switching output mis-fed sheet, normally closed  3) PNP: HIGH = VS - (< 2 V) / LOW = 0 V  
Supply voltage Vs 1):DC 20 V ... 30 V
Power consumption 2):≤ 1.35 W
Initialization time:< 300 ms
Housing material:Nickel-plated brass
Connection type:Connection cable: 5-pin, 2 m, PVC
Sender: cable with connector, 2-pin, 1 m, PVC
Receiver: cable with connector, 2-pin, 1.2 m, PVC
Indication:1 x dual LED
Weight 3):280 g
1) Limit values, reverse-polarity protected, operation in short-circuit protected network: max. 8 A  2) Without load  3) Incl. cable  
Ambient data
Enclosure rating 1):IP 67
Ambient temperature:Operation: 5 ... 60 °C
Storage: -40 ... 85 °C
1) Connector of connection cable between sender and receiver complies with IP 20  

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